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     The development of IntelliJet Marine, Inc. began when Jeff was considering the purchase of a manufacturer of aluminum jet river boats.  As a result of his experience in the design and manufacture of small commercial hydroelectric systems, he observed several causes of hydraulic inefficiency in marine jet propulsion systems.  Any such inefficiency is rigorously attacked in the hydroelectric business -- it translates into power not generated and revenue lost.  In jet boats it translated into the need for a flatter hull, a rougher ride, a bigger motor, and a bigger fuel tank.

     The application of hydroelectric-turbine-design principles to jet boats resulted in three broad patents covering the inlet, pump and nozzle control conditions that must be maintained for efficient marine jet propulsion.  Jordanís fourth patent in the field of marine jet propulsion goes to the use of a controlled variable pitch propeller pump in combination with a controlled inlet and nozzle to maintain efficient propulsion over a wide range of boat speeds.


In jet boats (inefficiency) translated into the need for a flatter hull, a rougher ride, a bigger motor, and a bigger fuel tank.

     Jordan presented this technology at the Advanced Naval Propulsion Symposium 2008 in Arlington VA, concluding that IntelliJet technology will be much more fuel efficient than propellers or conventional marine jets in a wide range of boat and fast-ship designs.

     Jeff has served as President of the Northwest Venture Group based in Seattle, Washington.  His background includes a BA from the University of Colorado, service as an officer in the US Navy and an MBA from the University of California. In the Navy, Mr. Jordan was the Communications Officer on a refrigerated stores ship, which supplied forces along the coast of Viet Nam.




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