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Greener, Cleaner, Safer Boating



It's Easy to be Green when it's More Fun!

IntelliJet is the safest and the friendliest system for the environment. It eliminates the chance of propeller injuries, uses less fuel, and produces lower emissions than any other available alternative.

It also has design features to create less disturbance on the bottom in shallow water.

  IntelliJet is More Fun

IntelliJet has easily controlled maneuverability at low speeds and low RPM.

Seamless shifting between forward and reverse means greater responsiveness and ability to avoid hazards.


  IntelliJet Saves Fuel

The IntelliJet has the high-tech advantages of an automobile. The increased motor and thrust efficiencies combine to reduce the fuel consumption of a typical recreational boat by up to 50%, greatly reducing its energy and carbon footprint.

  IntelliJet is Quieter

The efficient IntelliJet uses smaller motors and better mufflers. All gears are in acoustic enclosure with motor.


IntelliJet is Cleaner

IntelliJet produces fewer engine exhaust emissions and less water pollution.

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IntelliJet is Safer

IntelliJet has a totally enclosed propeller.

Propeller Injury Links



  Before Retrofit -- Stern Drive             After Retrofit --  IntelliJet™ on Test Boat  
Propeller Dangers

Spinning propeller causes injuries at all boat speeds and directions.      

Skeg necessary to protect propeller from rocks, but is a knife in motion.




IntelliJet Safety Features

Spinning propeller is totally enclosed
and guarded front and back.

System is hidden behind the hull when
boat is in forward motion.






Ends propeller injuries to
swimmers and skiers.

Eliminates propeller
wounds to manatees
and other marine wildlife.

Reduces propeller damage
to sea grass and other aquatic plant life.



Propeller Injury Links

  U.S. Supreme Court - Rex Sprietsma v. Mercury Marine  (National Safe Boating Council)
  RBBI Propeller Guard Information Center  
  Coast Guard to Thwart Propeller-related Injuries and Death (Soundings-Trade Only Business Newspaper Online)
  Propeller Injury Avoidance Technology (U.S. Coast Guard)  

Listing of Current Intervention Devices (U.S. Coast Guard)


Beware Boat Propellers . . A Hidden Danger (U.S. Coast Guard Brochure)  
  Preventing Propeller Accidents  (S.P.I.N. Stop Propeller Injuries Now!)

  Recognizing the Recreational Boating Industry - Congressional Record - House of Representatives - 6-25-2007, pg 1486-7.  

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