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Efficient Marine Jet Propulsion

U.S. Patent (Click for .pdf)
#7,241,193 B2
Variable Marine Jet Propulsion
Dated:  July 10, 2007

Virtual Reality Video



IntelliJET incorporates the following improvements over the 1st generation technology:


1. No reversing bucket

More compact system allows larger nozzle

Eliminates danger of reversing bucket to  

Sliding fits on all moving parts

No pinch points

2. Continuously variable
maneuvering thrust

Continuous range of forward, neutral and reverse without stopping to shift (for example, driver can choose to be 40% in forward or reverse)

Instant response to driver input

Eliminates gear mashing and gear related repair bills



3. Continuously variable power transmission in forward mode


Provides more efficient engine operation
and better gas mileage

Increases thrust efficiency (lower RPM
produces higher thrust for a given power input)

Reduces vibration and noise




Here is a recreational boat design
 incorporating the revolutionary IntelliJet propulsion system

View of boat from bottom

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Slider closed


The variable opening adjusts the speed of the water as comes onto the boat. 


Slider open



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System fits neatly
 under swim platform

The pump and nozzle fit neatly under the swim platform,
 which is the ideal height found on popular wakeboard boats and ski boats.


Housing removed to show
vanes in forward position


A cutaway view shows the operation of the propeller to create forward thrust.


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Housing removed to show
variable impeller in neutral position


The blades move to zero pitch for true neutral with no thrust in any direction. 



Housing removed to show
 blades in reverse position


In reverse pitch the blades pump water backwards through the system

The inlet is reduced to become a nozzle for reverse thrust.
  Shifting between forward, neutral, and reverse is smooth and quick,
 because there are no gears to mesh. 


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