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Electronically Controlled IntelliJet





No Microcontroller?

In an age . . .
when washers, driers and refrigerators are

electronically controlled,
fly by wire,
 and a car has about 50



Most Boats are Using

• Propellers
similar to those on the Monitor and the Merrimac in the Civil War,
Simple fixed jets
 with no controllable features.



   Simple Fixed Jet


   First Variable Jet



   Korean War Vintage F-86


1960’s SR-71
Controllable inlets,
• Several internal flow controls, and
• Controllable nozzles



Current Jet Boats



Current jet boats have all the control sophistication of a jet fighter plane in the Korean War. (They have a throttle.)

Even so, these jets have displaced propellers as the dominant form of propulsion in military and commercial boats for reasons of reliability, maneuverability and high-speed capability.


Since they have no variable features that can be electronically or even manually controlled, it’s no wonder they have:

1. Poor low-speed performance and

2. Poor fuel economy.



 No Transmission?
have a 1-speed Transmission



The 1909 Model T Ford had 2 speeds


A modern pickup has 8 speeds, electronically controlled to operate its motor more efficiently.




No Answers?



The recreational boating industry is under pressure due to:

• lack of innovation,
• propeller-related injuries,
• damage to marine life, and
• high fuel consumption/ emissions.



In a recent survey of people 18 to 44, 58% considered themselves Early Adopters, largely due to the influence of social media.

How can these people be expected to buy a new boat? They’ve been spoiled by
smartphones, and they want smart boats.



Smart Boats Have IntelliJets.

They Have the Answers!





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