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Fuel Efficient Fast Ship Propulsion

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    ASNE DAY 2012
  Naval Warfare - Critical
  Engineering Challenges

Adapting to Changing Threats:
Submersible Amphibious Assault Vehicles


Multi-Agency Craft Conference 2005
Variable Marine Jet Propulsion
For the Next Generation of Tactical Applications

Hosted by NavSea Warfare Centers


  IntelliJet Performance Advantages.pdf

IntelliJet is naturally suited for further computer control features, starting with other operator interfaces, like joysticks, and extending to fly-by-wire control strategies commonly used in airplanes.

Fast Ship Propulsion:
The State of the Art / Propulsion Revolution

Conventional marine jet propulsion systems waste power in four very well understood ways:

The Relative Unimportance of Pump Efficiency.pdf

Versatile and efficient propulsion for variably loaded rapid ocean transports, patrol/interdiction vessels, and littoral combat ships


US Patent

#7,241,193 B2  Variable Marine Jet Propulsion
July 10, 2007  (.pdf)



Reference Books and Articles


Recommended Reading
 for Boat Companies

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   Click here for .pdf

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