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May, 2015

IntelliJet Accepted to Participate in CleanTECH Open


IntelliJet has been selected to participate in the Cleantech Open Accelerator Program, a three day bootcamp and networking session near Palo Alto CA June 18-21.

This national program is all about mentors, business relationships, and investors.


March, 2015

Nominee for Innovation Award

IntelliJet is happy to announce that their propulsion technology for fast boats and ships is on the short list of nominees for the Innovation Award to be presented at the Annual Marine Propulsion & Auxilliary Machinery Conference April 15-16 in London.




February, 2015

ASNE Day 2015

Jeff Jordan of IntelliJet Marine
to present peer-reviewed paper
on propulsion & computer simulation
for sustainable high speed boats and ships
March 5, ASNE Day 2015.

The presentation emphasizes two points:

1) By incorporating very similar technology that has vastly improved modern aircraft and cars, marine jet craft can optimize fuel efficiency at low and mid-range speeds without sacrificing high-speed capability.

2) New computerized methods for designing, testing and producing modern watercraft, including IntelliJet products, are more accurate, faster, more economical and less risky.




Jordan points to the Littoral Combat Ship controversy as a case in point. See blog LCS A Smaller Ocean? The 7th Fleet suggests the Littoral Combat Ships, particularly LCS-1, would be more suitable for service in a smaller ocean, where it is not so far between fueling points, according to report from US Government Accountability Office report GAO-14-749, Jul 30, 2014 .




IntelliJet technology is applicable to
 recreational, commercial, patrol, military,
 unmanned boats, and high speed ships.


February 10, 2012 - Arlington, VA

ASNE Day 2012

Jeff Jordan presented the concept of a Submersible Amphibious Assault Vehicle (SAAV) during session on Adapting to a Changing Threat.

In an environment of changing threats, the SAAV concept offers many advantages over
conventional AAVs,
including stealth, the element of surprise, speed, range, and survivability
both in the water and on land.

Through additional submergence, it will allow more thrust out of the marine jet propulsion that will fit in the
available space. It provides the best chance of delivering Marines to the beach safely, in the
best possible health, and ready to fight.

The SAAV relies upon a combination of technologies that are already well developed, so
there is reason to believe it can be deployed rapidly to replace the aging AAV7s at a
reasonable cost.

IntelliJet looks forward to working with government and industry to further develop the
SAAV concept and propulsion.

Presentation:         Submersible Amphibious Assault Vehicle (SAAV).pdf
Technical paper:   Available upon request.


September 12, 2011

Technical Paper Accepted for ASNE Day 2012

Our technical paper on the value of IntelliJet in electric and hybrid applications has been accepted for peer review and publication at the American Society of Naval Engineers ASNE Day 2012.

  April 7, 2011

Australian patent issues for Variable Marine Jet Propulsion


February 1, 2011


Canadian patent issues for Variable Marine Jet Propulsion

  January 12, 2011 - San Francisco Bay Area

IntelliJet Presents to Northern California Society of Naval Architects
and Marine Engineers
(SNAME) and American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE)


Year 2010 Summary of Developments

As part of exploring a joint venture relationship in 2010 with a defense contractor, we had meetings with several key U.S. Army, Navy and Coast Guard operations:

In these meetings, we consistently found support for IntelliJet technology as a means of reducing fuel consumption in combination with other features.
       U.S. Army Engineers, Warren, MI to discuss IntelliJet technology for use in bridge erection boats.        U. S. Army, Fort Eustis, VA to explore retrofitting landing craft.  
       Combatant Craft Division of the NSWC in Little Creek, Virginia to discuss R&D and prototype testing under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).        Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Philadelphia to discuss applications in ships.  
       Engineering Section Chief of the Response Boat program for the US Coast Guard Surface Warfare Logistics Center.          NAVSEA National Shipbuilding Research Program in Washington, D.C. to discuss possible NSRP grant funding.  
       David Taylor Research Center, Washington, D.C. to discuss development/testing under a CRADA.

As part of this effort, we also met with

         a major U.S. recreational boat builder


and attended the:

         U. S. Coast Guard Innovation Expo, Tampa, FL
         International Workboat Show, New Orleans, LA


August 5, 2008 - Arlington, VA

ntelliJet Marine to Present at
Advanced Naval Propulsion Symposium 200
8 (.pdf)


July 16, 2008

ntelliJet Marine Announces JV Marketing Agreement (.pdf)


May 22, 2008 - Seattle, WA

IntelliJet to Present at National Shipbuilding Research Project (NSRP) (.pdf)


October, 2007

Variable Marine Jet Prototype Testing


September 13, 2007


New Zealand Patent issues for Variable Marine Jet Propulsion


September 11, 2007

U.S. Patent Issues for Variable Marine Jet Propulsion




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