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Workboats, Police Boats, Military Craft,
Unmanned, Submersibles, Recreational



We are currently negotiating with manufacturing partners and completing the development of the manufacturing prototype. 

We are talking to marine motor manufacturers, who would like to partner in the most fuel efficient propulsion system available for many applications. 

We are also looking for boat manufacturers, who are interested in marketing boats that have competitive advantages in fuel economy, performance, safety, maneuverability and dependability. 



Recreational Boat

Boat building is a tough business, where a unique competitive advantage can make the difference between life and death.  IntelliJet offers boat builders the opportunity to create boats with innovative advantages in fuel economy, performance, safety, maneuverability and dependability. 


Marine Electric / Hybrid

At lower speeds, IntelliJet can significantly reduce electric power demand and still be efficient at higher speeds. 


Marine Motor

Boat builders want a complete propulsion package which will deliver the expected performance and fuel economy. Marine motor manufacturers can better meet this need by partnering in systems that optimize their motorís operating conditions.  We are interested in discussing the development and marketing of such propulsion packages with marine motor manufacturers.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles

IntelliJet is naturally controlled by a microprocessor that can interface with other controllers.



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300 - 400 hp 

IntelliJet technology is first coming to market in the 300 hp to 400hp size, where we are interested in talking with motor manufacturers and boat manufacturers. The technology is directly scalable to smaller and larger sizes, which can all use the same computer controller.



100 - 250 hp
Recreational / Commercial

The 100 hp to 250 hp recreational and commercial boats and unmanned vessels can also offer innovative efficiency and performance advantages.

180 hp 
Rigid Inflatables Aluminum Utility

There is international demand for 180 hp IntelliJet/diesel systems for rigid-hull inflatables and aluminum utility boats.  

500-1800 hp

IntelliJet technology is readily scaled to larger boats of many types to achieve higher performance and efficiency.


Police Boats and Patrol Boats

This Homeland Security niche promises to be a growth industry for many years.  IntelliJet has great value in these applications.  We are interested in JV relationships with manufacturers in this field. The design of boats for special ops is under scrutiny to reduce shock damage to personnel and equipment from impact in rough water.  Historically, a marine jet has required a relatively flat bottom to get a load up on plane, and the flat bottom naturally hits the waves hard and causes shock damage. 

The Variable Marine Jet provides the thrust to get a load up on plane in deep-V hull designs, which are well known to reduce shock by cutting into the oncoming wave.  This allows the use of more stable, shock-reducing hull designs.  IntelliJet Marine is interested in development relationships with boat manufacturers to develop boats with these advantages.  

Military Apps   Special Ops Craft, Fast Combatant Ships and Rapid Ocean         Transport


The Variable Marine Jet is the ideal propulsion system for submerged and semi-planing hulls, which are intended to operate at top speeds up to 50 knots.  Such ships are commonly forced to operate at lower speeds in heavy seas. 

A propulsion system based on the Variable Marine Jet is uniquely able to operate efficiently over a wide range of operating speeds and vessel ladings.  The embedded controller of the Variable Marine Jet is ideal for integration with controller for the steering and stabilization system to enhance sea keeping in heavy seas.  


Variable Marine Jet Propulsion For the Next Generation of Tactical Applications
Multi-Agency Craft Conference 2005 (.pdf)




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