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QuickJET 1st Generation
V-Hull Jet Boat for
Waterskiing and Wakeboarding


Unsurpassed low speed maneuverability
   Terrific acceleration

   Operation in shallow water

   NO Rooster Tail 



1st Generation Prototype   

Load your heavy boat with passengers. You'll still have the acceleration for skiing!  See demo video.             Video

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The picture above shows an old boat with a new technology that makes propellers obsolete. This prototype is a 12 year old v-shaped hull weighing almost 3,500 pounds. And yet it demonstrates that a jet boat can do everything a propeller boat can do and a lot more. It has terrific acceleration for skiers. It's fast. And it can carry loads.

The QuickJET combines for the first time the safety and dependability of a jet with the acceleration of a propeller AND maneuverability previously unknown in any boat.


First-Generation Development Program

  modern design to include swim
    platform and new boat hull design

  noise deadening of gear and
    hydraulic noise

   electronically controlled nozzle
     for peak operation.

   computer redirection of water jet
     stream for effortless steering and
     advanced maneuvering.

  electronic adjustment of inlet duct
    for greater efficiency.



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