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High Tech Jet Boating


The system works with diesel, gas, electric and hybrid systems, incorporates clean technology and electronic controls, and is applicable to generally any submerged, planing and semi-planing hull, including V-shaped hulls. This includes commercial vessels, military ships, patrol and rescue boats, amphibians, yachts, rigid inflatables, recreational boats, and unmanned vessels.


Boats and ships are commonly propelled by propellers or water jets. Both of these came into common use before modern computer control systems: propellers were used on the Monitor and the Merrimac in 1865; water jets became common in the 1960s.

By the late 1960s, the venerable SR-71 on the left incorporated controllable inlets, several internal flow controls, and a controllable nozzle.

IntelliJet Marine, Inc. has adapted the same principles to boat propulsion in four US patents and in a technical paper presented at the Advanced Naval Propulsion Symposium 2008.

The benefits of these features are on the wish list of military, commercial, and recreational boaters. They include substantial improvements in safety, fuel-economy, acceleration, maneuverability, ease of operation, and reliability.













                                Stern Drive Before Retrofit

           IntelliJET on Test Boat



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Variable Marine Jet Components

  • Common embedded microcontroller
  • Variable pitch propeller pump
  • Variable rectangular steering nozzle
  • Variable inlet duct

Fly by Wire for Watercraft

The embedded microcontroller  program

  • The pump to maintain motor efficiency
  • The nozzle to maintain pump efficiency.
  • The inlet to maintain recovery efficiency.

So the total system operates at peak efficiency at all speeds and under all loads and accelerations.
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Variable pitch propeller pump

Quick, smooth shifting forward /neutral /reverse

Continuously Variable Power Transmission (CVT)

Eliminates need for reversing "bucket"


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Variable rectangular steering nozzle


Provides steering in both forward and reverse


Variable inlet duct

Slide adjusts entrance opening for ideal velocity.

Inlet grate for trash handling not shown.

Inlet duct becomes nozzle in reverse thrust mode.

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